Personal space? What’s that?

First a brag, then an explanation…


One of my favorite Web sites that I visit daily, Draw the Dog, used a story about my Stewie as inspiration for one of their daily cartoons that are inspired by real dogs. Check it out!


Bless his heart, Stew-pot has no concept of personal space. He LOVES people, and must get as close to them as physically possible. In fact, hubby and I joke that if he could talk, he’d say (in his best Ron Burgundy voice), “I wanna be on you.”

Back to the cartoon… every morning the hubs gets up earlier than I do, at which point the dogs are invited up onto the bed. Maggie, my lab mix, usually curls up by my feet. You know, an appropriate spot for a dog. But Stewie, my pittie, has to be as close to me as possible, which, depending on the position I am laying in, means curling up with me in the spoon position, laying halfway across my back, or even parking himself between my legs. One particular morning, as I was sleeping on my back, he apparently decided my face looked like a good place to plop down. And that’s what inspired me to submit my story to Draw the Dog.

In addition to climbing on top of us in bed, Stewie’s other favorite pastimes include accompanying us to the bathroom (you know, in case we need any help or are plotting to escape through some secret passageway), sitting in our laps at the computer, and crawling into our (or our guests’) laps on the couch.

One particularly embarrassing (but funny) habit he’s picked up is kissing guests on the mouth when they walk through the door. He knows he’s not supposed to jump ON guests, but that doesn’t stop him from making a vertical leap to face level -*slurp*- and then landing on his feet. Let me tell you, the dog’s got hops. Even the tallest of hubby’s friends get kissed by Stewie as he leaps 6+ feet in the air with the greatest of ease.

Yeah, it’s something we’re working on…


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  1. sezzy04

    Hi, just found your blog and loved it. I just started working on a similar one of my own about a week ago as I’m about to enter ‘the dog years.’ Thanks for sharing your insight and information 🙂

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