Vote to protect your dog against BSL

Pit Bull Rescue Central posted a very important article yesterday about a program being run by The “Ideas for Change” competition lets the community propose and vote for ideas across 20 different social issues where they’d like to see change in this country. The top 3 from each category will be voted on, and the top 10 will go before relevant officials in the Obama administration.

Under the animals category, it has been proposed to ban Breed Specific Legislation – and this is currently in 5th place in the category!

Those of us with pit bulls know how important this is in our dogs’ lives – the ability to protect them from future legislation against them is huge.

Even those who aren’t fans of the breed should realize that banning the breed does nothing to prevent dog bites (as has been proven in communities where this legislation has been enacted). Furthermore, BSL only hurts law-abiding owners, who don’t own the problem dogs in the first place.

I urge you to visit and vote. It only takes a minute to do so.

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