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Update on the bust dogs

I finally got the chance to go visit the fight bust dogs again today. It’s a very emotional experience visiting with them. We know some of them might not make it – some are simply too damaged to really ever recover. We knew this going in – our hope is to give those that have potential the best chance we can give them, and to at least give those who don’t make it some semblance of human kindness in their final days. As is to be expected, the trial against the owners is taking forever and we can’t really do anything except keep them company and provide them with basic veterinary care until the trial. The good news is, the ones who show promise for rehabilitation generally seem to be doing better as time goes on. The irony is, for most dogs, shelters are horribly stressful environments when they’re used to living with people in their homes. But for these bust dogs, who spent their entire lives outside chained up, being inside an actual building where people stop by to visit them daily is HEAVEN!

bust dogs 003

This little smiley girl is one of my favorites. She wouldn’t stop wiggling, so it was very hard to get a good picture of her, but she has the most adorable face. Light tanish-grey with a black muzzle and black eyeliner and the cutest joker-esque smile I’ve ever seen. We estimate she’s about 8 months old, so thankfully she probably hasn’t been directly subjected to fights like the others.  I’d consider fostering this girl once the dogs are released to us.  bust dogs 005

Another one who captured my heart today, this guy reminds me SO much of my Stewie. He’s a little darker than him, but his face shape and his eyes are just spot on. This guy has likely seen MANY fights, judging by his poor scarred up face. His mouth is deformed, causing his lips to jut out in a way that makes it difficult to eat. He’s lost a lot of weight since I saw him last, likely due to the fact that he can’t eat very easily. I fed him a some treats and could tell he really wanted to eat them, but only managed to get a couple of them down. Poor guy. Despite his sad appearance, he was a very happy and affectionate boy. I spent quite a big of time at his kennel giving him butt scritches through the chain link. He seemed to appreciate that.

This little boy has come a long way since I saw him two weeks ago! Last time he would not stop shivering, and even though you could tell he was just dying to rub up against the kennel for some lovin’, it was apparent he didn’t quite trust humans yet. As you can see from the video, today was a whole ‘nother story! What a happy guy! He will make some family very happy.

This little girl is the youngest one of the group, besides the puppies who have been and will be born in the shelter to the pregnant dogs confiscated as part of the bust. She is just happy and cuddly and is one of our top priorities in placing in foster care once we’re given the go-ahead. At around 5 months of age, she likely has not been damaged as badly as some of the others, and we hope we can keep her spirits up and avoid any distress that comes with long-term kenneling. I would consider fostering this girl as well – she just melts my heart.

Last, but not least, I am head over heels in love with this momma dog. Poor old girl is full of puppies and ready to burst any day. We suspect she may have given birth to many of the other dogs confiscated in the bust. She isn’t much to look at with her scarred face and her wrecked body from birthing litter after litter, but she has a heart of gold and is absolutely eating up the attention we’re giving her – probably the first time in her life she’s actually known human kindness.

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Earlier this week I finally got the tattoo I have been thinking about for a while now. Four pawprints – one for my childhood dog, two for my current dogs, and one for past and future foster dogs. If you look carefully, you’ll see the paw prints are actually made out of hearts and teardrops, symbolizing the dogs I have loved and dogs who will never know what it’s like to be loved.

If there was every any doubt, I’m pretty sure this officially makes me the crazy dog lady. But you know what? I’m okay with that. In fact, I embrace it. Someone’s got to speak up for those who can’t. I’m very happy with the way the tattoo turned out.

(Now if only it would hurry up and heal – it’s currently very itchy!)

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