Josie’s adoption: take two.

On Saturday, we dropped Josie off for her second trial adoption run, after the first one didn’t work out.  I have always believed things happen for a reason, and I hope the way things have panned out have just been fate’s way of stepping in.

You see, the weekend before Josie went on her first trial run, we had gotten together at our lake cabin with some family, and my cousin and her husband had totally fallen in love with Josie. At the time, we had no reason to believe her trial adoption wouldn’t work out, so we didn’t even really discuss the possibility of them adopting her. Well, fast forward two weeks – when they found out Josie came back to us for separation anxiety issues, my cousin’s husband emailed me to tell me they were interested and were filling out an application. Yay! It sounds like a perfect home for her – my cousin is a stay-at-home-mom, and they have another dog whom Josie has met and gets along with. Really an ideal situation, because not only will Josie have someone home with her most of the time, but even when the humans are out, she’ll have a “brother” to keep her company. My cousin’s kids are really great, too. They have an obvious bond with their current dog and everyone is really excited about possibly adding Josie to the family. Of course, on a more selfish note, I’m just excited that Josie would get to stay “in the family” and that I’d get to see her again!

The adoption coordinator and I spent a good couple hours at their home on Saturday answering questions, observing Josie playing with their current dog (they went nuts!), and explaining Josie’s separation issues. They’re fully prepared to deal with it and work on it, and I just have a really good feeling about all of this.

They are planning to do a week-long trial run, so we should know by Saturday whether the adoption will be made official.

Fingers, toes and paws crossed!


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