Vote to Ban Michael Vick

ESPN has posted a poll, asking people whether Michael Vick should be reinstated to the NFL.

PLEASE, go to and click “outside the lines” on the left hand side of the page. Last I checked, 59% had voted to reinstate immediately. This completely disgusts me. Let us not forget that not only did Vick fight dogs (a horrendous crime unto itself), but actively participated in the bludgeoning, drowning and electrocuting of dogs who failed to perform. On top of this, he pled “not guilty” to animal cruelty. Many sports fans will argue that he did his time and has rehabilitated himself. I call BS. How can you be rehabilitated if you don’t believe you did anything wrong in the first place?

For an inside look at the magnitide of this man’s cruelty, check out this post on the BAD RAP blog, and scroll down to Donna’s story. For those who aren’t familiar with BAD RAP, they’re the organization that pulled and rehabilitated all but two of Vick’s dogs. Donna’s story is incredibly heartbreaking, and it just sickens me that someone who could do such a thing could possibly be placed back into the national spotlight, where he will be an example to the kids in this country who look up to NFL players as heroes. Even if you aren’t a dog lover, you can’t argue the connection between animal cruelty and crimes against people. Who’s to say Vick’s next crime won’t be against another human being?


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