On Saturday, I took Josie, my foster puppy, to a friend’s house to “cat test” her. We’ve had some good applications on her, but some of these potential adopters already have cats, and since she’s never lived with cats I had no idea now compatible she would be. I didn’t foresee there being any issues since she doesn’t seem to have much of a prey drive, but we needed to be sure.

I’m happy to report she did great! When we got to my friend’s house, Josie caught sight of one of the cats and casually strolled over to it. She didn’t even break into a run or act overly interested. She just walked up to it. The cat, not being familiar with Josie, hissed at her and Josie immediately cowered and ran and hid behind me. She peeked out from behind me and cautiously approached it again slowly, and then play bowed to it and barked at it a couple times (her “come play with me” bark that she uses on other dogs). The cat went and hid under the bed, and Josie, realizing the cat wasn’t interested in playing with her, quickly lost interest and started chewing on a toy that my friend’s dog had left laying around. We even tried to coax the two of them together to see if we could get them to interact more, but Josie couldn’t care less about the cat. We spent a good hour there, and Josie was totally bored with the cat and paid attention to everything else — us, the toys, my friend’s dogs, etc. Anything but the cat. So I don’t think she’ll have any issues with cats in the house.

Fingers crossed for a good home to come along for Josie soon. We will miss her terribly, but I have high hopes that her perfect forever home could be just around the corner.


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