“Sick as a dog”

The things we do for our dogs. Poor Stewie has really put me through the ringer the last couple days. We had some friends up at our cabin for the 4th of July, and the dogs ended up getting into a bunch of junk food that people accidentally left within their reach. We don’t feed our dogs table scraps, so I expected that they might get a little sick later.

Understatement of the century.

So, yesterday morning I awoke to find several puddles of diarrhea all over the carpet, including one that is like exploded onto the wall, hitting our white curtains. It took me about 45 minutes just to clean everything up, and I was already running late for work, so I gave them some plain yogurt with their food, hoping that would help, and made sure all three went potty (both numbers) before I left. Our dogs are crated while we’re gone during the day, so I figured at least if one of them got sick again, it would be contained. I was also still really exhausted, so I figured I would leave a little early so I could get home to the dogs.

Well, my day ended up being really busy and I couldn’t get out of there early. In fact, I went a little later than I normally do. The whole way home I’m praying none of them got sick in their crate, but the second I opened the door, I could smell it. Poor Stewie had essentially exploded out of both ends all over his crate. It was so explosive that it got all over Josie and Maggie’s crates as well (all three are in a row and his is in the middle). It took me 2 hours to clean the crates, bedding, floors, walls and give them baths. I feel bad for the guy – who knows how long he had to sit in that while I was at work!

Hoping the worst was behind us, I sat down with a glass of wine to relax. But throughout the evening, Stewie took a turn for the worse. Every 20 minutes or so he would explode from one end or the other. He was shaking like he was cold, even though our house was really warm, and he could barely walk a few steps without having to lay down and rest. I freaked out and called the emergency vet, hoping they could give me any indication on whether I should bring him in. It frustrates me that they’re no help over the phone – they pretty much just said “if you’re really worried about him you should bring him in.” Of course I’m worried about him, that’s why I’m calling! I just wish they would ask me questions about his condition and symptoms and recommend a course of action. I overreact easily and I wanted to know if his condition was serious enough to warrant driving 30 minutes to the e-vet in the middle of the night to spend a couple hundred dollars just to be seen, let alone whatever treatment he might need… or if I should just keep an eye on him and watch out for symptoms X Y or Z and bring him to my normal vet in the morning.

After much internal debate, I finally decided it wasn’t worth the risk and started getting ready to take him, but the second I picked up his leash, he perked right up (typical), so I decided to just watch him through the night and call the vet as soon as they opened in the morning. I didn’t get much sleep because I kept waking up to check on him, but was able to get him in around 8 a.m. He was already starting to do a lot better, so the vet gave us a shot of something to help with the vomiting and sent us home with meds for the diarrhea. I ended up working from home so I could keep an eye on him.

Thankfully he seems almost back to normal now. I’m physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from the stress and lack of sleep, but so happy to have my little Stew Pot back.


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